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Software Engineer IV

Dynamic and result-oriented Software Development Engineer with a track record of enabling teams to champion end-to-end Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) & deliver compelling business value to stakeholders.

Expert at engineering user-centric solutions across multiple platforms to drive breakthrough efficiency and enanche overall user experience.

Mobile Apps Development

Developing mobile applications is not as simple as squeezing a lemon as there are several frameworks and each with specific characteristics. Choosing the right framework can save you a lot of time and money as it can make your job a lot easier. In the course of my work experience I have had to face this problem many times and I feel very confident of being able to determine which solution is best suited to the purpose. I was able to organize architectures based on native frameworks (iOS and Android), but also hybrid frameworks (React Native, Cordova).

Frontend Development

Front end web developers use three primary coding languages to code the website and web app designs created by web designers: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. There are different types of JavaScript frameworks for different needs. Among the most popular there is certainly ReactJS which allows you to organize a structure of reusable components and front-end libraries for future use. During my work experience I have had the opportunity to develop static and dynamic websites, using for example the advantages and the structure of a framework like React with GatsbyJS.

Backend Development

The role of the backend developer can be part of the life cycle for developing an application. Sometimes it may be necessary to have a behind-the-scenes system to support a client application (both web and mobile). In the course of my work experience I have also developed backend systems using ExpressJS, Django, Spring and based on the serverless approach. I therefore had the opportunity to take advantage of the cloud of Amazon, Google and Microsoft by organizing backends based on microservices. In particular, I found it very interesting to use Lambda functions that support different programming languages and that allow you to focus on your business logic because security and scalability are managed by the various service provider platforms such as AWS.

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